Laser Hand Rejuvenation

Laser Hand Rejuvenation reduces unsightly brown spots and uneven pigment that gives hands an aged look, restoring youthfulness.

This treatment combines two or three lasers, tailored to your specific needs, creating smooth, even-toned, younger-looking hands.

Beautiful hands that are… You, Only Better!

Benefits of Laser Hand Rejuvenation

  • Faded Brown Spots

  • No Downtime

  • Even Pigment

  • Smooth, Clear Skin

  • Younger-looking Hands

The Laser Hand Rejuvenation Procedure

Three different FDA-approved lasers may be used to hit sun spots, smooth overall pigment, address wrinkles and restore thin, loose skin. After a 45-minute treatment, sunscreen is applied and recommended to prevent future damage.

Is Laser Hand Rejuvenation Painful?

A topical numbing medicine may be applied to ease the pain. This generally controls any discomfort caused by the lasers, and renders the treatment virtually pain-free.

Oral pain relievers and anti-anxiety medications are available if needed.

How Much Does Laser Hand Rejuvenation Cost?

Hand rejuvenation is priced at $300 per treatment.

Laser Hand Rejuvenation Results

Sunspots may darken or crust initially for 1 to 2 weeks, after which they may appear lighter, pink, or may disappear altogether. Three to six treatments spaced 3-6 weeks apart will create smoother, younger-looking hands.

Laser Hand Rejuvenation Before & After Photos

This young female client had an aged look to her hands because of sun damage.

After just laser hand rejuvenation treatment, her sun spots have cleared and her hands look much more youthful.

This 73-year-old female had sun spots on the backs of her hands, giving away her age.

Three laser hand rejuvenation treatments have eliminated the unwanted sun spots and helped to smooth the texture and tone, giving the hands a much younger appearance.

This gentleman is an avid golfer, and all that time in the sun had resulted in sun spots on his hands.

After just two laser hand rejuvenation treatments, his sun spots have diminished. He is now careful to wear sunscreen while golfing in order to prevent future damage to his now youthful hands.