Leg Vein Treatment

Laser Treatment of Leg Veins can significantly improve the look of your legs by reducing or eliminating unsightly veins.

The no-downtime leg vein treatment procedure can give you the confidence to wear shorts and skirts without embarrassment.

Beautiful legs allow you to be… You, Only Better!

Benefits of Leg Vein Treatment

  • No Visible Vessels

  • No Downtime

  • Wear Skirts & Shorts Again!

  • Smooth, Clear Skin

  • Youthful Legs

The Leg Vein Treatment Procedure

This revolutionary new FDA-approved laser treatment for leg veins can safely eliminate unsightly vessels up to 4mm in size by collapsing the unwanted vein while protecting the skin with a cooling device

Is Leg Vein Treatment Painful?

A topical numbing medicine may be applied to ease the pain.

Oral pain relievers and anti-anxiety medications are available if needed.

How Much Does Leg Vein Treatment Cost?

Leg Vein Treatment is priced based on the time required to treat the area. The cost generally ranges from $200 to $600 per treatment.

Leg Vein Treatment Results

Leg veins may literally disappear before your eyes or may resolve over the next several weeks.

Three to four leg vein treatments spaced 2 months apart are generally required for resolution.

Leg Vein Treatment Before & After Photos

This client had a large raised patch of spider veins on her posterior knee, next to a birthmark.

After three laser leg vein treatments, the vessels are no longer visible.

Dark spider veins on this client’s outer thigh kept her from showing off her lovely legs.

After three laser leg vein treatments, the vessels have diminished and flattened.

This 54-year-old female had an area of spider veins on her shin.

After four leg vein laser treatments, the area is clear of unsightly vessels