Rosacea Laser Treatment

Rosacea treatments help to restore an even skin to to red, inflamed skin.

It decreases facial veins, papules and pustules which, in turn, lessens flushing and helps skin look and feel smoother

With a series of these treatments your self-confidence is restored and you are truly… You, Only Better!

Benefits of Rosacea Treatments

  • No Antibiotics

  • Less Makeup

  • Redness and Flushing Disappears

  • Diminish Facial Vessels

  • Freedom to Eat and Drink What You Want

  • Skin Looks and Feels Smoother

  • No Topical Creams

  • Even Tone

The Rosacea Treatment Procedure

The 532nm green light LASER was FDA-approved in 2003 for Rosacea and has been very successful in eliminating superficial blood vessels and underlying telangiectasia that cause flushing. This laser also destroys the bacteria that cause the papules and pustules sometimes associated with Rosacea

Is Laser Rosacea Treatment Painful?

A topical numbing medicine may be applied to ease the pain and an antihistamine is offered to reduce swelling. This generally controls the discomfort and renders the procedure pain-free. Oral pain relievers and anti-anxiety medications are available if needed.

Laser Rosacea Treatment Results

You will begin to see results within the first hour. Your skin will continue to improve over the course of the following month. Three to six treatments (spaced three to four weeks apart) may be needed to reduce rosacea symptoms. Results are long-lasting, but may require touch-up treatments every year or two.

How Much Does Laser Rosacea Treatment Cost?

Rosacea Treatments cost $400 per session at Body Perfect Medical Spa in Springfield, Illinois

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation Results

Immediately after your enhanced skin rejuvenation treatment, brown spots may appear slightly darker and mild redness and swelling may be evident. These mild side effects are easily disguised with a light application of Body Perfect mineral makeup.

The results of enhanced skin rejuvenation start to become evident after one week and continue for six weeks. Three or more treatments spaced one month apart are recommended and Body Perfect Skin Care will optimize your results.


Rosacea Treatment Before & After

This client had large vessels across her nose and cheeks

One Laser Rosacea Treatment shows vast improvement in clearing these unsightly vessels.

Severe rosacea in this 48 year-old female was made worse by several topical steroid treatments administered by another doctor.

After meeting with Dr. Simmons at Body Perfect in Springfield, Illinois, this patient discontinued use of topical steroid cream treatment and underwent four laser treatments instead.

The laser treatments cleared her rosacea as well as the large cherry angioma on her upper lip, resulting in much clearer skin and a more youthful look.

This 60 year-old female had a bright pink glow from her rosacea, which she disliked.

After four rosacea treatments, she now has less glaring redness and does not flush like she did before.