Laser Skin Lesion Treatment

Laser Skin Lesion Treatment can remove many types of benign lesions, including Skin Tags, Nevi, Moles, Seborrheic Keratosis.

These laser treatments remove the unsightly, irritating, raised, pigmented or hairy lesions with minimal scarring, leaving smooth skin that is… You, Only Better!

Benefits of Laser Skin Lesion Treatment

  • No Unsightly Lesions

  • Minimal Scarring

  • Smooth Skin

  • Decreased Irritation

The Laser Skin Lesion Treatment Procedure

During a consultation with Dr. Simmons, she will examine the affected area and select the appropriate FDA-approved laser to remove the pigment, hair and/or elevation.

Is Laser Skin Lesion Treatment Painful?

Pain is minimal with the topical anesthesia applied during the procedure. Post-procedure pain is minimal and usually controlled with over-the-counter medications.

How Much Does Laser Skin Lesion Treatment Cost?

Skin Lesion Removal typically costs $100 per lesion per treatment for single lesions.

For multiple lesions, pricing is based on area of treatment and will be customized based on each individual’s treatment plan. Please call 217-698-8607 or contact us to schedule a consultation and receive a quote.

Laser Skin Lesion Treatment Results

You may have a dressing over the lesion, which may ooze and/or scab for about 1 to 7 days. To avoid scarring, do NOT pick at the area as it heals.

Laser Skin Lesion Treatment Before & After Photos


This 60 year-old male had several large, dark, benign lesions on his back that he did not like.

After one laser treatment, the area of these unsightly spots has improved dramatically.


A large, benign, flesh-colored mole on this female client’s temple caused irritation when she combed her hair.

Two laser treatments later, the area is smooth and combing her hair is no longer a problem.

Skin Tags

Skin tags can be unsightly and irritating. This patient came to Body Perfect with several skin tags clustered under her arm.

After two treatments, the skin tags are no longer visible and her skin is smooth.

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